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Unter „Asian“ versteht man im Allgemeinen Katzen des traditionellen Burmatyps, die sich in Färbung Musterung und Haarlänge von diesen unterscheiden.

Der Name „Asian“ wird im Sprachgebrauch meistens nur für die Asian-Selfs, Asian-Smokekatzen und Asian-Tabbys (gestromt, getigert, getupft und getickt) verwendet.

Die Asiangruppe umfasst ein gewaltiges Zuchtpotential, da solche Katzen in allen Farben und Tabbymustern gezüchtet werden können.

Der britische GCCF umfasst unter dem Überbegriff “Asian-Group“ auch noch Burmilla und Tiffany.


Burmilla (shaded and tipped alle Farben, mit Silber)

Asian selfs (vollfarbig, nonagouti, alle Farben)

Asians smokes (vollfarbig mit silbernem Grund)

Asian Tabbys (alle Farben und Zeichnungsmuster)

Tiffany (halblanghaarige Varietät, alle Farben)

Asians mit BRC (burmafärbig cb/cb)





The Asian is medium sized cat, which is extremely well and hard muscled and gives a foreign impression.

The Asian is of Burmese type, but the coat has another colour.


The head has the shape of a rounded wedge, when viewed in profile it is relatively short, when viewed from the front the cat has noticeable high and prominent cheekbones. The muzzle is well defined with broad jaws. The nose is not too long and shows a definite indentation between the eyes.

In general the head is not short like in the Burmese, and the profile does not have such a strong indentation.

The ears are medium in size, set in the outer corners of the head on a well rounded skull.

The eyes give the cat that distinctive foreign look.


The body is medium, very compact and rather heavy. The muscles are strong and hard. The chest is broad which gives them the appearance of being bowlegged. The legs are medium long and elegant with small oval paws.

The tail almost does not taper and ends in a rounded tip.


The coat is short, lying on the body, sleek and shining like satin. The hairs are thin and fine with almost no undercoat.



The breed of the Asian originates from an accidental crossbreeding in 1981 between the chinchilla Persian male, Jemari Sanquist, and the lilac European Burmese, Bambino Lilac Faberge. In the litter 4 black silver shaded kittens were born, which displayed a relatively good Burmese type.

The breeder, Miranda von Kirchberg (Astahazy cattery) recognized immediately that these kittens could be the foundation for a new breed group. The new breed was called Burmilla. From this first litter the female Astahazy Galatea became the foundation queen of this new breed, because Miranda von Kirchberg started a well planned experimental breeding program.

Very soon it became evident in this breeding program that different varieties of colours and patterns existed. With the help of experienced Burmese breeders the Asian group was developed, because it was decided to develop all five colour varieties.


In 1989 the Asian Group Cat Society (formerly The Bumilla-Asian Association) became affiliated to the GCCF.


The Asian Self received championship status in October 1999.



Playful, energetic, acrobatic and highly intelligent, the Asian is the extrovert in the cat world. Asian never grow up! They play all of their life. They love people and do know very well the needs of their owners. They will sit on your lap and watch TV with you, plaster themselves next to your head on the pillow when you are trying to sleep or will insist on climbing under the covers. Once you have known an Asian you have a lifelong passion for the breed.



The coat of the Asian is sleek and glossy and requires little care. Brushing them once a week will keep their coat shiny.


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